6 Best Graphite Pickleball Paddle in 2024

If you’re looking for the best graphite pickleball paddle to give you an edge on the court, look no further. A quality graphite paddle is lightweight, fast, and durable, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

Its sleek design provides an unobstructed view that helps with your accuracy and precision as well. Plus, its lightweight feel gives your arm a break from all that swinging!

So, if you’re in the market for a graphite paddle that won’t let you down and will give you the best value for your money, go with the best graphite pickleball paddle and get ready to dominate the court!

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List of Best Graphite Pickleball Paddles

If you’re looking for the best graphite pickleball paddles, you’ve come to the right place! After considerable research, I’ve narrowed down my list of the top fifteen paddles to just six.

When selecting these paddles, my criteria included features like a reactive face that creates a great ‘pop’ while striking the ball, and a medium-weight sweet spot to ensure optimal power and control.

With all this in mind, I’m confident that you’ll find at least one paddle on this list that perfectly fits your playing style. So, let’s dive in and take a closer look at the best graphite pickleball paddles available!

01- Onix Z5 – Overall Best Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Onix Z5 - Overall Best Graphite Pickleball Paddle

  • Lightweight (easy to use for long sets)
  • Good value for its price
  • Wider body surface (for a bigger sweet spot)
  • Good power with some spin (for added control during rallies)
  • Larger grip size (for stability when swinging)
  • Dead spots near the edges of the paddle
  • Grip needed to be re-taped/re-secured frequently during playtime.

The Onix Z5 Graphite ranks as the first best graphite pickleball paddle on my list. The paddle’s wide body surface allows for a larger sweet spot area, making it easier to control the ball during rallies. Additionally, the paddle’s power is good and adds some spin, giving me more control over my shots.

Grip Size and Stability Benefits

The grip size of this paddle is larger than usual, but it also provides more stability when swinging. I found this helpful as my shots were generally more accurate because they stayed in line with where I aimed them.

Sound Quality and Feedback from the Paddle

The dead spots near the edges of the paddle produce different sounds depending on where they are hit. However, I found that most of these sounds were solid and, at worst, just a bit muted—nothing too distracting or bothersome.


Overall, I’m quite pleased with my Onix Z5 Graphite Pickleball Paddle purchase! It has been a great tool for helping me improve my game, and it’s also lightweight enough so that I can use it for extended sets without feeling weighed down.

Plus, its price is excellent considering all the benefits it offers! For all these reasons, I believe this is one of the best graphite pickleball paddles on the market today!


ProductGraphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle
Handle ShapeMimics the shape of a tennis racket
Core MaterialNomex honeycomb
Weight7.5-8.2 lbs
USAPA/USA Pickleball ApprovalApproved for official tournament play
Edge GuardProtected with an edge guard
ControlSpectacular touch and control, perfect for ball control

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02- Rally Graphite PXL – Top Graphite Paddle with Longer Reach

Rally Graphite PXL - Top Graphite Paddle with Longer Reach

  • USAPA/IFP approved for tournament play
  • Lightweight 7.6-7.8 ounce weight
  • Overlapping paddle face with 8th inch thickness
  • 4.25 inch grip circumference and 4.5 inch handle length
  • Added control, power, and reach compared to other paddles
  • Textured graphite surface helps create spin on shots
  • Polypropylene honeycomb core is long-lasting and durable
  • Sticky feeling due to sweat build-up on the textured surface

My personal experience with the Rally Graphite PXL pickleball paddle has been great. I have found it to be a great tool for improving my game and adding more control to my shots. 

The elongated design of the paddle provides a longer reach, allowing me to get to shots that would otherwise be impossible. The lightweight design helps reduce fatigue which can help me stay in the game longer and keep up with my opponents.

Textured Surface Benefits for Ball Grip and Contact

The graphite surface provides excellent spin while giving me added power in my shots. I also find that the paddle’s textured surface is great for creating spin, providing an extra edge over other paddles I have used in the past. Additionally, the textured surface helps to grip the ball better and maintain contact as you hit it.

Wear and Stickiness Issues

However, one of the downsides of this paddle is that, due to its graphite surface, it may wear down quickly over time if not cared for properly.

Additionally, its textured surface can become sticky due to sweat or moisture, making it difficult to play at times.


Overall, I think that this is one of the best graphite pickleball paddles on the market today and highly recommend it for amateur players looking for an edge over their opponents.

Not only does it provide added control and power, but its lightweight design makes it perfect for those looking to prevent fatigue while playing.

Its textured surface allows players to create spin while still maintaining contact with the ball, adding an extra advantage over other paddles on the market today.


Weight7.6-7.8 oz
Grip Circumference4 1/4″
Handle Length4.5″
Paddle Length16.5″
Paddle Width7.125″
Paddle FaceTextured graphite
Edge Guard1/8″ overlapping face
Core MaterialPolypropylene honeycomb
Tournament ApprovalUSAPA/IFP approved

03- Gamma Voltage 2.0 – Lightweight Graphite Paddle

Gamma Voltage 2.0 - Lightweight Graphite Paddle
  • Lightweight at 7.6 ounces, ideal for players with weaker arms
  • 30% more hitting area with no defined edge on the frame
  • Graphite face with textured wrap sight gives maximum spin and ball bite for greater control when striking shots
  • Unibody handle for a longer, more durable grip
  • Honeycomb grip for secure gripping when striking shots
  • Smooth contours and cost-effective
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • Not suitable for advanced players seeking maximum power
  • Textured wrap sight can weaken after heavy use

The Gamma Voltage 2.0 paddle itself is extremely lightweight, weighing in at just 7.6 ounces, making it ideal for players who do not have the strongest arms or for those who play pickleball frequently and need a light paddle to sustain them throughout their games.

Unique Built-in Bumper for Extended Hitting Area

The built-in bumper gives this paddle an extra edge, offering 30% more hitting area across the frame without a defined edge! This feature really helps to ensure that I am getting the most out of each shot.

Additionally, the graphite face with its textured wrap provides maximum spin and ball bite, allowing for greater control when striking shots.

Unibody Handle for Durability and Comfort

The handle of the paddle is also something that sets it apart from other paddles in its class. The unibody handle means that it is a one-piece paddle with the handle built into it, giving me a longer, more durable grip while I am playing.

Furthermore, the honeycomb grip ensures maximum comfort and secure gripping when striking shots.


Overall, I would highly recommend this paddle to anyone looking for a lightweight and innovative pickleball racket. It has enabled me to play at my top level without having to worry about arm fatigue or lack of control due to an uncomfortable grip.

If you are in search of a reliable graphite paddle, then the Gamma Voltage 2.0 Graphite Pickleball Paddle is definitely one to consider.


Weight7.6 oz.
Grip Circumference4 1/4″
Handle Length5.25 in
Paddle Length15.5 in.
Paddle Width8.25 in.
Paddle FaceCarbon Fiber
Core Thickness11 mm
Core MaterialNomex
Tournament ApprovalUSAPA/IFP approved

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04- Onix Stryker 4 – Graphite Face with Large Sweet Spot

Onix Stryker 4 - Graphite Face with Large Sweet Spot
  • Lightweight design
  • Enlarged sweet spot
  • Superior maneuverability
  • Accurate dinking and dropping capabilities
  • Good control near the net
  • More reach than other paddles on the market
  • Generates more power than many wide-body designs
  • Not as powerful as wide-body paddles

I have to say, the Onix Stryker 4 is one of the best graphite pickleball paddles that I’ve used so far.

This lightweight paddle, with its polypropylene core and an enlarged sweet spot, is ideal for players who are looking for a lot of control and touch.

Maneuverability and Comfort of Use

The Stryker 4 is incredibly maneuverable and comfortable to use, thanks to its 7.2 oz weight and 4 ½ inch grip size. I found that I was able to accurately dink, drop, and drive with this paddle without having to worry about it being too heavy or unwieldy.

The elongated face also gave me more reach than most other paddles on the market, making it easier to hit corners or chase down shots.

Balanced Power and Control for Versatile Play

I can honestly say that the Onix Stryker 4 is a great all-around pickleball paddle. It provides enough power for hard shots while still giving you plenty of control for softer shots near the net.

And while it doesn’t have as much power as some wide body paddles out there, it still offers more reach than its sister paddle, the Onix Z5.


Overall, I really liked using this paddle. Its lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver around the court quickly and accurately, while providing enough power for long rallies or aggressive shots near the baseline.

My only complaint about this paddle is that because of its larger head size and elongated face, my arm tends to tire quicker after extended use compared to other paddle designs.


Weight7.0 – 7.4 oz.
Grip Circumference4 1/4” (Medium) Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8″.
Handle Length5”
Paddle Length15 1/2”
Paddle Width7 5/8”
Paddle FaceGraphite
Edge Guard¼” overlapping paddle face
Core MaterialPolymer honeycomb

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05- Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro – Best Precise Graphite Paddle With Nice Touch

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro - Best Precise Graphite Paddle With Nice Touch
  • Lightweight design ensures easy maneuverability
  • Amazing touch and precision
  • Vibration dampening technology helps keep your arm fresh
  • Long handle guarantees a comfortable grip even with sweat or intense weather conditions
  • Sleek design looks great on the court
  • Durable construction can easily last for more than a few years
  • High performance capabilities allow for precise and accurate drop shots with ease.
  • Expensive price tag can be off-putting for some buyers
  • May not be suitable for players with larger hands

The lightweight design of the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro makes it easy to maneuver and control the ball during a point.

Effective Performance: Pop and Control

The face of the paddle offers plenty of pop and control, allowing me to hit drop shots with ease and accuracy.

The handle size is perfect for smaller hands, making it easy to grip and swing without fatigue or discomfort. I also enjoy the feel of the paddle, as I am able to find its sweet spot more easily than with other paddles I have used in the past.

Furthermore, the vibration-dampening technology built into this paddle helps ensure my arm stays fresh throughout an entire game.

Consideration of Price Versus Value

One downside to this product is its price tag; however, after playing with it for a few weeks now, I believe it is worth every penny due to its top-notch construction and performance benefits.

With proper care and maintenance, this paddle can easily last for more than a few years, so investing in a quality product like this can be quite beneficial in the long run.


I believe that the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro pickleball paddle is one of the best graphite paddles on the market today, due to its high-performance capabilities, sleek design, and durability.

After using this paddle extensively over several weeks, some features that I particularly like include its lightweight design, which guarantees easy maneuverability; amazing touch and precision; effective vibration-dampening technology; and a long handle, which ensures a comfortable grip even in sweaty or intense weather conditions.

On the other hand, I do not appreciate how expensive this product is, but like most things in life, you get what you pay for!

Key Features:

Weight Range7.6-8.0 ounces
Grip Circumference4 1/8″ (Small)
Grip Length5 1/4″
Paddle Length15 7/8″
Paddle Width8″
Paddle FaceGraphite
Core MaterialPolymer Honeycomb
Core Thickness9/16″ (0.5625″)

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06- Pro-Lite Titan Black Diamond – Nice Soft Feel on Graphite Paddle Face

Pro-Lite Titan Black Diamond - Nice Soft Feel on Graphite Paddle Face
  • Excellent weight balance
  • Grip circumference and length are great for different size hands
  • Vibration dampening system helps prevent chronic elbow and wrist pain
  • Woven carbon fibers adds spin and dwell time on the ball
  • Face of paddle is softer than other paddles providing adequate power
  • Lightweight design that allows for extra power without fatigue
  • Well-balanced weight distribution to prevent hot spots and tiredness during long play sessions.
  • Expensive compared to other paddles on the market
  • May require more maintenance than other paddles due to the woven carbon fiber material.

Pro-Lite Titan Black Diamond felt solid in my hands and had great weight balance, which made it easy to control. The grip circumference (4 1/4″) length (5″) was perfectly suited for my size and gave me the confidence I need to master this sport. 

The power level was just what I needed – not too much, but enough to make shots that are competitive at a higher level of play. 

The paddle has an exclusive woven carbon fiber vibration dampening system that helps prevent chronic tennis elbow and wrist pain, which is especially useful as I improve my game. 

This feature alone makes this paddle worth considering if you are looking for a graphite pickleball paddle. The woven carbon fibers on the face also add spin and increase dwell time on the ball for greater accuracy when hitting shots.

Touch and Feel: Soft Face with Power

My favorite feature of this paddle is its touch and feel. The face of the paddle is softer than other paddles I have used before, yet it still provides plenty of power when needed.

In addition, it is well-balanced in terms of weight distribution, so there are no hot spots or areas that tire me out easily while playing.


Overall, the Pro-Lite Titan Black Diamond pickleball paddle is an amazing choice for anyone looking for a graphite pickleball paddle. Its unique features make it stand out from other paddles on the market today, providing players with improved spin and stability while keeping them comfortable during long stretches of play.

Moreover, its lightweight design allows players like me to add more power to their shots without feeling fatigued too quickly, as can be a problem with heavier paddles.

Key Features:

Weight Range7.6-8.2 oz.
Grip Circumference4 1/4″
Grip Length5″
Paddle Length15 1/2″
Paddle Width7 13/16″
Paddle FaceCarbon Fiber Facing
Core MaterialQuadCore™ Polymer Honeycomb

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Graphite Paddle Buyer’s Guide

As a pickleball enthusiast, I understand the importance of finding the best possible paddle to maximize my game. Graphite paddles are known for their lightweight nature and speed, making them great for players of all levels. 

In this guide, I’ll be discussing all the factors you need to consider when buying a graphite pickleball paddle, from materials, size, weight and deflection to grips and edge guards. 

Core of The Paddle

When looking for a graphite paddle, there are several materials to choose from. The most popular ones include graphite itself as well as polymer cores such as Nomex or softer polymer cores which have a larger sweet spot. 

Graphite paddles typically weigh from 4 ounces to 8.1 ounces, making them fairly lightweight and ideal for those who suffer from tennis elbow or other injuries that might make heavier paddles uncomfortable or difficult to use. 

Size of The Paddle

In terms of size, the ideal length is 15-16 inches with a 7 1/4 – 8 1/4 inch wide face so that it’s comfortable enough for two hands without feeling too big or cumbersome. 

Medium-weight paddles that weigh between 7.2“ 8.6 ounces are usually considered the best option as they provide good control while still giving you enough power in your shots. 

If you’re not sure which weight is right for you, try out different ones in store before buying online so that you can get a feel for what works best with your style of play. 

Grip of The Paddle

When it comes to deflection and grip, look for paddles with good edge guards and an ergonomic handle shape so that it fits comfortably in your hand without slipping or causing pain during long playing sessions. 

A low deflection rating also helps reduce vibration feedback on hard shots which can help minimize tennis elbow pain over time if it’s something you suffer from regularly when playing pickleball. 

Edge Guard

Finally, don’t forget about accessories like edge tape which can protect the edges of your paddle from chipping or tearing over time due to contact with other surfaces such as walls or floors while playing indoors or outdoors. 

It’s important to find one that matches up with the material of your paddle so that it doesn’t cause any adverse effect on performance either! 

Overall, when looking for a graphite pickleball paddle consider all these factors before making a purchase: material (graphite vs polymer cores), size (15-16 inches long), weight (7.2 – 8.6 oz.), deflection ratings (low deflection recommended), grip (ergonomic handle shape) and edge guard protection (edge tape). 

With these criteria in mind plus some trial and error testing at stores if possible before buying online should help ensure you find the perfect fit that allows you take your game up another level!

Final Words

Choosing the best graphite pickleball paddle for your game really boils down to preference and skill level. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro looking for performance enhancement, there’s a graphite paddle out there for everyone.

The Onix Z5 is perfect for all players looking for something that is lightweight, has a good value and wider body surface. For those of you who want to play in tournaments, the Rally Graphite PXL and Gamma Voltage 2.0 adhere to USAPA/IFP standards with their overlapping paddles faces and textured wraps that offer maximum spin and ball control. 

Whichever one you choose, make sure it suits your needs as well as your playing style so you can get the most out of your time on the court! And don’t forget to let us know which graphite pickleball paddle is right for you!

Summary of Best Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Best For



Onix Z5

Rally Graphite PXL

Gamma Voltage 2.0

Onix Stryker 4

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro

Pro-Lite Titan Black Diamond

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to this question is a resounding it depends! Graphite paddles offer several advantages, such as lightweight construction and increased power. 

However, the quality of graphite can vary between different manufacturers and models, so it’s important to do your research before buying a paddle. 

If you want greater control over your shots, you may prefer a paddle made of other materials such as wood or composite. Ultimately, the best pickleball paddle is the one that fits your playing style and offers the features you need to excel at the game.

The lifespan of a graphite pickleball paddle depends on how often it is used and how well it is cared for. If you use your paddle regularly and keep it clean and dry, it should last several years. 

On the other hand, if you leave your paddle exposed to the elements or don’t clean and maintain it, its life expectancy may be significantly shorter. 

In any case, it’s important to inspect your paddle regularly for signs of wear and tear, such as cracks or chips in the graphite surface. If you notice any damage, it’s best to replace your paddle immediately so as not to risk injury during game play.

Again, this depends on the individual player. Generally speaking, carbon fiber paddles are lighter than graphite paddles, so they can be easier to maneuver. However, graphite paddles usually offer more power and stability. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which material is best for your level of skill and playing style.

It’s hard to answer this question definitively since different players have different preferences. Some of the most popular pickleball brands include Onix, Selkirk, and Engage. 

The best way to find the right paddle for you is to read reviews and try out several models until you find one that feels comfortable in your hands.

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