Best Pickleball Party Ideas & Decorations in 2023

Are you in the midst of party planning and feeling overwhelmed by the stress of it all? Look no further than the exhilarating world of pickleball for inspiration! 

The beloved sport can be an exceptional party theme, whether you’re an avid player or just seeking a unique gathering idea. 

Luckily, with the help of the internet, finding pickleball party inspiration is now an easy feat. A multitude of imaginative ideas can make your party stand out, from colorful decorations to mouthwatering pickleball-themed cakes. 

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Pickleball Party Ideas

Games are also essential to the party, and the good news is that pickleball offers a wide array of options for on and off-court fun, ensuring your guests will have an unforgettable time.

But why limit your party to a few casual games? Elevate the festivities with a pickleball tournament! 

And no, it doesn’t have to be a dreary elimination-style tournament. With a bit of inventiveness, you can craft an entertaining and engaging tournament that everyone will relish. 

So if you’re ready to take your party to the next level, embrace the pickleball spirit and start planning! These ideas are sure to make for a remarkable celebration, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a pickleball newbie.

Now, allow me to share with you some of my favorite pickleball party ideas that will help you create a truly exceptional event. 


One of the best things about pickleballs is that they’re versatile and can be used for a variety of decorations. Here are some ideas for using pickleballs to create unique and fun decorations:

Pickleball bouquets 

Use pickleballs as a base for your floral arrangements. Simply insert the flower stems into the holes in the pickleballs and place them in a vase with water. You can create multiple bouquets to use as centerpieces on party tables.

Pickleball wreath 

Create a pickleball wreath to decorate the outside of the door where the party is being held. You’ll need an empty wreath frame, pickleballs, and clear zip ties. 

Pickleball wreath 

Secure the balls to the wreath frame using the zip ties until the wreath is full with no frame showing through. Add a pickleball paddle or team colors to the wreath for an even bigger wow factor!

Pickleball wreath

Edible pickleball court 

Create a decorative statement piece that your guests will love by building an edible pickleball court. You’ll need wood, a measuring tape, some type of saw to cut the wood, and a nail gun. 

Cut four pieces of wood to make the shape of a pickleball court, and smaller pieces can be measured and cut to imitate the lines on pickleball courts. Secure the pieces together using a nail gun. 

Once the court is built, fill all the areas between your wood pieces with green M&M’s! Place a few pickleballs for decoration and add a scoop so guests can get the candy out.

Party Games

No pickleball party is complete without some fun games to play. Here are some ideas for party games that your guests will love:

Random partner doubles 

When playing with unfamiliar players, teams of two can be randomly selected. Players score individual points and the game is played as a regular doubles match. 

After everyone has played one match, new teams are randomly picked and the process is repeated. The game ends when a predetermined score is reached or a set number of rounds have been completed.

Skilled/experienced vs. beginner/novice doubles tournament 

Players are divided into two pools: skilled/experienced and beginner/novice. Every team has one player from each pool. 

Skilledexperienced vs. beginnernovice doubles tournament 

The game is played similarly to the previous format with partners randomly picked after every match. The tournament has two winners, one from each pool.

Mixer format 

In this format, pools are divided by gender. The game is played in a similar manner to the previous two formats.

Round-robin format 

This format is used when only high-level players are present. Standard playing cards are used to determine the court and partner assignments. Points are counted individually for each player, and the court/partners are randomly picked after every match. 

There should be a predetermined time limit or score cap to ensure the game doesn’t drag on.

Paddle-in-line format 

In this format, players form a line with their paddles and the winner stays while the loser goes to the end of the line. The person at the front of the line gets on the court.

Random draws 

This format is a good way to mix up the teams and ensure everyone gets a chance to play. Every player’s name is entered into a pool, and names are drawn to determine team assignments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Movie night party

Game night party

Outdoor BBQ party

Pool party

Karaoke party

Costume party

Paint and sip party

Murder mystery party

Wine tasting party

Spa day party

Pickleball slang refers to informal terms or expressions used by pickleball players to describe specific shots, strategies, or situations in the game. Some examples are:

Dink: A soft shot that is placed just over the net.

Kitchen: The non-volley zone near the net.

Banger: A hard shot hit from the baseline.

Lob: A high shot hit deep into the opponent’s court.

Ernie: A shot hit from outside the court by a player positioned near the sideline

Plan unique activities or games

Have a theme or dress code

Serve creative food and drinks

Use interesting decorations and lighting

Hire a DJ or live music

Provide photo booths or props

Invite a diverse group of people

Host the party at an unusual location

Surprise your guests with special moments or gifts

Tea party

Garden party

Unicorn party

Alice in Wonderland

Pink and gold party

Rainbow party

Mermaid party

Parisian chic

Boho or Coachella festival

Disney princess party

It varies by location, culture, and personal preferences. However, some popular party themes are:

Hollywood glamour

Masquerade ball

Beach party

Casino night

Great Gatsby/1920s

Tropical luau

Disco fever


Sports fanatics


Casino night

Masquerade ball

Beach party

Hollywood glamour

Color-themed party

Retro/throwback party

Karaoke party

Video game party

Bonfire party

Paint and sip party

Choose an unexpected theme or concept

Create a personalized invitation

Serve unique food and drinks

Use non-traditional decorations

Play unusual games or activities

Invite a mix of people from different backgrounds or interests

Host the party at a unique location

Provide entertainment or performances

Use social media or online tools to create buzz before and after the party

Choose a theme that matches your interests, occasion, or target audience

Decide on the dress code, decorations, food, and activities that match the theme

Send invitations that reflect the theme and provide all necessary information

Plan the party timeline and schedule the activities accordingly

Coordinate with any vendors, performers, or guests who can contribute to the theme

Have backup plans or alternatives in case of unexpected changes or challenges

Set the mood with appropriate music, lighting, and ambiance

Make sure everyone understands and follows the theme rules or guidelines

What is 3 person pickleball called?

3 person pickleball is commonly referred to as “triples” or “3v3” pickleball.

Plan interactive games or activities that involve everyone

Create a playlist of popular or upbeat music

Serve creative or themed food and drinks

Use decorations or props that encourage socializing and fun

Provide photo booths or interactive displays

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